FecFin FEC Financial Group LLC

What We Do

The FEC/FIN suite of services is a custom offering for FECs. The list below is curated to fit the innumerable processing situations presented in even a small family entertainment center business. We’ve also added features aimed at helping your business retain more money as you seek to rebuild, post-COVID.

Cash Discount Credit Card Processing

You don’t need to continue to be burdened by credit card costs. With FEC/FIN’s Cash Discount, your guests get multiple payment options and you can put around 3% back into your bottom line. Guests choose between paying a lower price for using cash or full price, which allows you to seamlessly pass along the processing fees.


Traditional Credit Card Processing

For those not yet ready to take advantage of Cash Discount, FEC/FIN offers the lowest rates guaranteed as well as:

Unsecured Loans

FEC/FIN offers cashflow-based loans that work well alongside Cash Discount to provide a cash boost while lessening the impact on the bottom line. FEC FIN clients can use the loans to buy equipment, do repairs, expand, etc. while Cash Discount savings helps cover the cost.