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We are proud to be featured in the August issue of RePlay Magazine. As noted in the article, in addition to deep industry knowledge and experience, one of the key reasons to choose FEC Financial Group is founder Scott Heit’s personal touch:

Heit asks potential customers, “Who is your lawyer? Who is your accountant? Who is your credit card processor? They always know their lawyer and accountant on a first name basis but 99 out of 100 times they do not know their processor personally. That’s who handles all the money of your business. Shouldn’t you be partnered with people you know, have met in person and who understand the nature of your business?”

Consider FEC/FIN as your new credit card processor. Click below to read the article.


The FEC/FIN suite of services is a custom offering for FECs. The list below is curated to fit the innumerable processing situations presented in even a small family entertainment center business. We’ve also added features aimed at helping your business retain more money as you seek to rebuild, post-COVID.

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