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FECFIN was created specifically for the FEC industry and is staffed by FEC veterans with decades of experience.

FEC industry and it is our mission to help operators have healthier business financials by saving money on credit card processing or any of our other services.
When it comes to handling credit card processing, integrating with your POS, game card systems, etc. there is no apples-to-apples comparisons here. Your needs are uncommon to common credit card processing companies, which is where we come into play.

Here’s how we save you money and prevent the headaches:

We start by doing a deep dive analysis of your current situation from an overview of your facility to your software and all ways you collect payments.
Then we present you with a report outlining your processing hard costs vs added fees and map out options and recommendations. But the relationship doesn’t stop there.
If you have an issue on a Saturday night at 8:00 pm, you can’t afford to sit on hold or wait until Monday! It is critical to get the help you need when you need it most. FECFIN boasts 24/7/365 support that also works as your advocate. When you call us you get someone you know on the other end of the line who will help you find solutions so you can get back to business.
FECFIN works with you and for you. Our business depends on referrals from happy, satisfied customers and we are proud to say that all of our customers are willing to speak on our behalf. We’re not happy if you’re not happy, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed AND our people really do make the difference. Let us make a difference for you.

Scott Heit, founder and CEO of FEC Financial Group, has been involved in the amusements industry for years and it’s been a part of his life for even longer.

“I was one of those guys who got his allowance in quarters in 1982 and spent it hanging out at the arcade,” he said.
“In the early ’90s, some friends and I realized the machines we loved in the ’80s were now very cheap so we started filling our basements with them. It quickly grew into a side gig – a self-perpetuating hobby – of buying up games from an operator or warehouse, keeping a couple for ourselves and flipping the rest to pay for the ones we kept.”


Guaranteed Rates for life.

No contracts, ever.

“Our success depends 100% on our customers’ success.

You will know you made the right decision when you choose to partner with us