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Credit Card Processing Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Is your credit card processor giving you nightmares? If so, read this article to learn the red flags you may have missed and what to look for in a GREAT processor for your family entertainment center.

Do they Ghost You?
What’s spookier than being overwhelmed with customers on a busy Saturday night? Customer service that GHOSTS you when you need them the most! Don’t be left to bleed out profits and face angry mobs who will never come back to your business. 

FECFIN provides 24/7/365 US-based customer service. When you call our team, you get a dedicated rep who understands the FEC industry and has solutions to your problems.

What’s hidden in the shadows?
Sometimes the scariest things are what you can’t see, lurking in the dark right in front of you. You might not even realize you are paying hidden fees. Beware of yearly fees, monthly fees, batch fees, review trackers, safer payments, etc. When you combine your amount paid per transaction and all additional fees, you get your effective rate which is the REAL rate you are paying.

FECFIN has no hidden fees whatsoever.

Don’t Get Locked Up (To Long Term Contracts)
“Til death do us part” should only apply to marriages. You shouldn’t be penalized for wanting out of a bad contract that you are already being nickel and dimed on.

FECFIN doesn’t hold you to a contract. Customers choose to stay with FECFIN because of our amazing service, low rates, and love for the FEC industry.

Are You Lost In A Corn Maze?
Does your merchant statement look like a corn maze? Leaving you lost and confused, trying to navigate your way through.

FECFIN statements are clean and easy to understand.

Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Does your processor work directly with your POS, Card systems, attractions, online, etc.? With FECFIN, you can bring most if not all of your systems under one roof saving you time, money and headaches. 

FECFIN works with too many family fun softwares to list!

PCI Compliance got you crying to Mummy?
Is PCI compliance causing you fits and costing you money? Is your processor helping to both get and keep you compliant? If not, be afraid. Be very afraid…

FEFIN will help you get compliant and stay compliant.

No Tricks, Only Treats!
FECFIN offers a 100% free, no obligation look at your situation. We will provide you with a deep dive down to the penny of hard vs soft costs and any potential areas for savings. Call/email/text us anytime 24/7/365 and we will be happy to help!

Get Your Free Deep Dive Analysis

We review your financial statements for free to determine areas where you can save money.

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