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Introducing Fec Financial Group – The Fec Industry’s Only Dedicated Merchant Services Provider

Exhibiting at CEMA on April 22 and Roller-Skating Expo May 3-4

APRIL 18, 2022 – FEC Financial Group (FEC/FIN), the only merchant services provider exclusively serving Family Entertainment Centers and related businesses, will make its public debut at a number of upcoming industry events.

The FEC/FIN team is uniquely positioned to deliver merchant and financial services designed specifically for clients in the FEC Industry. The company’s upfront lifetime guarantee of rates and no contracts are set to shake up the Amusement industry. FEC/FIN will make its debut at several high-profile exhibits at upcoming industry events including the California Entertainment Machine Association (CEMA) show on April 22 and the Roller-Skating Association International’s Roller-Skating Expo on May 3-4th in Orlando.

“With FEC Financial Group LLC I’m so happy to be able to merge several fields I’ve worked in over the last 25 years, including FECs, payments, and software,” says Scott Heit, FEC/FIN’s founder and CEO. “We hope to take the FEC industry by storm with unparalleled service, lowest rates, and seamless integrations.”

While FEC Financial is a new entity, Heit’s team has a combined 100 years of experience within the FEC and financial services industries. Heit himself has 25 years of experience in sales and management, including successful executive roles at Tigapo, a digital payment platform for arcade machines and at Elaut USA/Coast to Coast Entertainment, global manufacturers of top-earning amusement arcade games and redemption machines. Heit’s extensive resume and first-hand experience have informed the company’s strong focus on corporate transparency and personalized service.  

FEC/FIN’s arrival is well-timed for an industry poised for massive growth in the wake of a worldwide pandemic. One of FEC/FIN’s biggest differentiators is its emphasis on personalized service; something Heit believes has been absent from the payment industry for far too long.

“We don’t have customers, we have partners,” he says, “unlike other processors where you have no idea who your rep is and they don’t know your business, with FEC/FIN you will have a rep fully invested in your success. FEC owners can expect peace of mind regarding their processing and a partner focused on simplifying their lives while also saving them money. We don’t offer rebates because we will save you more upfront and FEC/FIN has no trial period because we have no contracts, ever.”

From features designed for businesses recovering from COVID to products pre-configured to suit the FEC industry’s unique combination of cash and credit transactions, FEC/FIN offers a suite of services created specifically for FEC and FEC-related clients operating in 2022. The most high-profile option in FEC/FIN’S suite of services is Cash Discount, a point-of-sale option that allows amusement businesses to seamlessly pass along credit card processing fees. “With everything going in the last 2 years, consumers are used to seeing prices going up everywhere,” Heit says, “Businesses are doing what they can to stay afloat and often raise prices but don’t offer a break back to customers. Cash Discount is the exact opposite; it removes processing costs from your bottom line while also giving your customers an option to avoid the increase.”

Please feel free to book appointments for the events listed below at calendly.com/fecfin or contact the company at info@fecfin.com, or visit the website at FECFIN.com.

● California Entertainment Machine Association (CEMA) – April 22 (Anaheim, CA)
● Roller Skating Expo – May 3-4 (Orlando, FL)
● Bowl Expo – June 29-30 (Las Vegas, NV)
● SK8 Roller Skating Expo – Sep 6-8 (Las Vegas, NV)
● IATP – International Association of Trampoline Parks – Sep 19-21 (Nashville, TN_
● IAAPA – Nov 15-18 (Orlando, FL)

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