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From Coins To Cards: Credit Card Spending Trends and Family Entertainment Center Experiences

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In an era where cash seems to be taking a backseat in the world of transactions, credit cards have emerged as the preferred mode of payment for many Americans. With cash now representing a mere 12% of in-store transactions, the influence of credit cards extends beyond just convenience—it significantly impacts various sectors, including the realm of family entertainment centers. The days of coin operated arcades are far and few between.

3 Notable Trends (source: Capital One Shopping)

  1. Preference and Ownership:
  • A staggering 81% of shoppers now prefer to pay with cards, while 70% of adults in the United States hold a credit card account. This widespread adoption underscores the trust and reliance placed on credit cards for financial transactions.
  1. Spending Habits:
  • Shoppers are shown to spend up to 3 times more when using credit cards instead of cash. This shift in spending behavior is a key driver for businesses seeking to enhance customer experiences, especially in family entertainment centers.
  1. Retail Dynamics:
  • A substantial 70% of nationwide retail sales dollars are attributed to credit card transactions. This statistic speaks volumes about the transformative impact credit cards have on the retail landscape.

Credit Cards and Family Entertainment Centers: A Perfect Match

1. Convenience and Seamless Experiences

Family entertainment centers thrive on delivering seamless and enjoyable experiences. Credit cards, with their convenience and efficiency, align perfectly with the expectations of customers seeking a hassle-free payment process. From purchasing admission tickets to enjoying various attractions, credit cards enhance the overall convenience of the family entertainment center experience. 

2. Upscaled Spending for Unforgettable Moments

The insight that shoppers spend significantly more when using credit cards resonates with the world of family entertainment. Families are more likely to indulge in additional activities, purchase souvenirs, or enjoy premium experiences when armed with the spending power of credit cards. This dynamic contributes to a more enjoyable and memorable outing for families.

3. Technological Integration and Loyalty Programs

Credit card transactions often come with technological integrations and rewards programs that can be seamlessly incorporated into family entertainment centers. This not only adds an element of gamification to the spending experience but also fosters customer loyalty through attractive perks and benefits. Arcades using card swipe systems for redemption prizes are one big example.

The Elephant In The Room

When it comes to credit card processing, there is a debate on who should pay the processing fees. Is it the customer? The business owner? This is where Dual Pricing comes into play. With Dual Pricing, your guests get multiple payment options and you can put around 3% back into your bottom line. Guests choose between paying a lower price for using cash (cash discount) or full price, which allows you to seamlessly pass along the processing fees.

The Future of Fun: Adapting to Credit Card Trends

As credit card spending trends continue to shape consumer behavior, family entertainment centers must adapt to the evolving landscape. Implementing secure and user-friendly payment systems, leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences, and aligning with credit card rewards programs are essential steps toward staying relevant in the market.

In conclusion, the symbiotic relationship between credit card spending trends and family entertainment centers is reshaping how families engage in recreational activities. As credit cards become the preferred mode of payment, the landscape of family entertainment is set to evolve, providing families with more convenience, choices, and unforgettable moments all while increasing the average spend per customer. The real magic happens when the fun is just a swipe away.

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